Monday, May 15, 2017

Get Live

This last week was another quality week and things are starting to roll. The fun part about building up an area is pulling up on the throttle and coming out of the dive because we it goes up, it goes up fast! We got a lot more done to get this place set up for next transfer when we are "washed out" of the area and the next new set comes in. Don't worry though we aren't just seeing a buildup for the future... here is ÆLPN (my play on ESPN) top 4 plays for the week :

1)We had another family history appointment with our boy *J and it was pretty stellar! So with the danish family search there are church records that have been archived and stored online that are open to public access, and if you can read old gothic stlye danish handwriting then it is a goldmine. Well, if you take two family history "consultants" and a highly intellectual 65 year old man, you get work done. We found our way to his moms side of the family and further on his father side and he now has a good sized tree going. We all got way into it which was pretty funny because Elder Ziegler would get up and celebrate and sometimes the Swiss German in him comes out and i could imagine a polka playing to the type of dance stoke he has got going on. Great time, great play.

2)We found another old potential investigator list.... and for those who are wondering what that is it is just a list where you write down the people who give you there contact info. The purpose is that you follow up with them and if it turns out that they aren't too interested anymore great, you're done with their info. There is a spot to say you followed up with them but a whole sheet from last year was more or less untouched as far as following up with people so i guess for the sake of benefit of the doubt, they lost it under the couch... But anyway, too make a long story short an exciting, we stopped by a tonnn of people and found another family who is interested in us coming back:) It was fun because we were originally looking for the husband but he wasnt home and his wife, who had never heard of us, took a book of Mormon and invited us back. What a play off a slow rolling bunt.

3) Another highlight came from a stop by as well but this was during the 3rd round of the match on saturday. We stopped by a past investigator and he let us in for "a short chat" but that evolved into a great discussion about prayer and receiving answer to prayer. This guy is way cool because he is probably the most ripped gamer I have ever met plus he is wizard smart so i really enjoyed that discussion. He explained how he decided he was atheist a while back but exlpained how he still hopes that there  is something more to life. If there is one thing i've learned, it is that every person on this planet at some point believes, hopes, or at least desires that there is something greater and that they knew what it was. It could be the Force (which i tried hard to channel as a 7th grade basketball player) but that is just what we do as people. It was neat because we were able to bear testimony about how the Holy Ghost has influenced our lives and described how one can identify it. He isn't too sure if it is something he is willing to act on 100 percent right now but he said we could come back so good stuff!

4) We broke the plumbing under the sink and fixed it all withing 2 hours.... So we passed our spontaneous Dad/Man training *fist pump*

I had originally typed top 10 plays, but that went down to 7 which went down to 4 because my attention span is that of a squirrel with a slurpee right now... In my defense i used all my email energy to skype home yesterday which kind of trumps punching a keyboard for two hours haha.

Spiritual Thought:

Here is a neat little poem for you to memorize if today is one of those days,

Today is better than yesterday,
for i did the best i could
God helped me bear my heavy load,
just like i knew he would.

I may not have smiled the whole day through
or sung aloud a cheerful song,
but the tune of hope, that carried me, 
was His promise to make me strong.

Have a good one!

Ældste  j

Boredom and train rides equal either sleep or this.

That streak of yellow is not from a massive highlighter, those are flowers!

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